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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you price your chocolates?
A: Most of our candy is priced per pound. Since candy weight varies, your selections will be weighed and priced accordingly. This means a pound may weigh +/- 16 oz. Please do not ask for exactly a pound.
Chocolates can be purchased by the piece, in 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2 pound boxes. We tare out the weight of the box.

Truffles are available in the same configuration as chocolates plus 1, 2 and 4 piece boxes.

Q: What types of chocolates do you offer?
A: We work with the following types of chocolate

Q: Do you deliver your chocolates locally?
A: For an additional charge we can deliver your order locally.  Please call us for a quote and what delivery options would work best. 

*Delivery Charges:

*When possible we'll attempt to minimize delivery costs by having a staff member deliver our candies. The availability of our staff to make deliveries depends upon the number of customers at our store. During peak periods, our staff may be unavailable to make local deliveries at the requested time. We will then offer our customers local delivery services, whose costs are higher than ours.

Q: Can you ship your chocolates?
A: For an additional charge we can ship your order.  Please call us for a quote and what shipping options would work best.

Shipping Charges:

Q: Can you ship during the 'heat of summer' or 'dead of winter'?
A: Yes.  During the summer we can include ice packs to insure that the chocolates arrive in good condition.  There is a nominal charge for using ice packs.  If the summer temperatures are in the 90's or higher, we may try to persuade you from shipping your chocolates.  Chocolates will leave the store nice and cool. The problem is how long do they reside in non-air conditioned shipping containers or in the direct sun on your front door step.  With that being said, we have been very fortunate with our summertime shipments.

During the winter the shipping boxes are insulated with packing materials, such as foam peanuts and bubble wrap. Freezing has not been a problem in the past.

Q: I'm considering placing an order, how much advance notice do you need?
A: When placing an order please contact us as early as possible. Normally, small orders can be filled that day,  holidays may be an exception.  Holidays are always hectic, avoid the holiday rush by placing your order in advance.

Large orders or orders that require special set-up need a longer lead time.  Call us and we can work with you to insure that your order is ready when you need it.

Q: Do you provide products for local businesses?
A: Many area companies including the NC Symphony, SAS Institute, IBM, and multiple hotels, have done business with us. We would like to provide the same great service to your company.
There are many special products that we can offer to your company. Whether it is for employee or customer holiday appreciation, retirement parties, awards, or any other occasion, give us a call.
What better way to celebrate your business than with your corporate logo in chocolate. If you are thinking about getting a mold made, please see us at least 3 weeks before it is needed. Black and white camera ready design needed. There is also a one time charge for creating your unique mold.
Please give us a call early to schedule your order. Sufficient lead time is needed to put together your order since our chocolates are handmade.

Q: Do you sell candy making supplies?
A: Yes, check out or section on candy making supplies.

Q: Do you sell sugar-free chocolates?
A: Yes, we carry a large assortment of sugar-free chocolates. In addition, we carry sugar-free fudges, jelly beans, Boston fruit slices,  and other sugar-free confectionaries.

Q: Does sugar-free also equate to calorie free?
A: No, normally sugar free chocolates and candies have more calories than their sugar based counterparts.